Friday, May 9, 2014

Making Email Writing Easier

You read and write email on the job daily, do you? And you wish it took less time and that your emails were better written at the same time?

Well, there is a way. FOLLOW A TEMPLATE.

Now templates may vary depending on the type of email required. However, there is one basic format which should work much of the time.
  1. Start with your main purpose in writing. Even if there are a few things you're working on you can either group them together as a single objective or you can select the most important of the lot and indicate that as your reason for writing. "I'm writing to..."
  2. In a second paragraph you include all the details relevant to the topic introduced as your purpose in writing. It is also good, if possible, to list those details in bullet points.
  3. Next, if there is anything that you or the reader needs to do in connection with the topic stated, then you spell it out here in one or two sentences.
  4. You're nearly done now. All that is left is a pleasant close. Often the action statement in point three can serve as the complimentary close as well.
So, here goes a brief email to my online audience:

Hello readers,

I'm writing to leave you all with a fast and easy way to farm out your routine emails.

Once you've intimated your purpose in a line or two, add any key details here in the second paragraph. Keep things short and sweet by leaving out any extraneous details.

Now, if you find these tips useful, just drop me a line. Or, you can post your comments in the comment box.

In any event, keep reading and learn to enjoy all those business writing tasks.

Cheers all,

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